United States Navy Qualified Products List (QPL)

A. US Navy report- NoFire Intumescent Coating

i. A-18NV Type II, Class 1, Application A

a. Table 1a- ASTM E162: Surface Flammability of Materials Using a Radiant Heat Energy Source
b. Table 1b- MIL-PRF-24596: Resistance to Ignition Test Results
c. Table 1c- ASTM E662: Specific Optical Density of Smoke Generated by Solid Materials (non-flaming results)
d. Table 1d- ASTM E662: Specific Optical Density of Smoke Generated by Solid Materials (flaming results)

ii. Submarine Off Gas Testing

B. US Navy Report- NoFire Intumescent Coating

i. A-18NV Type II, Class II, Application A

a. Comprehensive Administrative Health Hazard Assessment report

MIL-PRF-24596- Testing by SGS

A. Resistance to Ignition (No Fire A-18NV)

i. Resistance to Exudate Formation- per 4.6.17
ii. Washability- per 4.6.18
iii. Flash Rust Resistance- per 4.6.19
iv. Recoatability- per 4.6.20
v. Freeze Thaw Resistance- per ASTM D-2243
vi. Fungal Resistance- per ASTM D-3273 and 3274

Mil-PRF-24596 – Further Testing by SGS U.S. Testing

A. No Fire A-18 NV procedures/results

Color per ASTM E-1347
Total Solids per ASTM D-2369
Vehicle Solids per ASTM D-2698
Viscosity per ASTM D-562
Mass per Unit Volume (Density) per ASTM D-475
Flash point per ASTM D-93
Specular gloss per ASTM D-523
Directional Reflectance per ASTM E-97
Drying time per Fed. Std 144-4061
Condition in Container per Fed. Std 141-3011
Flexibility per Fed. Std. 141-6221
Knife test per Fed Std. 141-6304
Brushing Properties per Fed. Std. 141-4321.2
Spraying Properties per Fed. Std. 141-2131
Blister Resistance per Mil. Spec. DOD-C24596
Exposure- ASTM D-1735, 500 hrs.
Rating- ASTM D-714

MIL-PRF-24596 – Further Testing by SGS U.S. Testing Co.

i. VOC

ii. Report- Salt Spray Resistance

iii. Mold Resistance Test

iv. U.S. Navy Shock Test

NAVSEA MIL-STD-2031 Fire Protection of Glass/Vinyl Ester Composites For Structural Applications

A. Flame Spread Index

B. Smoke Generation

C. Heat Release and Ignitability

D. Residual Flexural Strength

E. Fire Endurance Furnace Test

F. Navy Quarter scale Flashover

MIL-STD 1648A by FMC Corporation for the US Navy Radiation Heat Flux on Naval Missile Canister under Fast

Cookoff Conditions (NoFire A18)

A. Procedure
B. Observations
C. Results

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